Video Killed The Radio Star

For quite some time now I have wanted visual accompaniment to the eclectic electric output of my long term project Kallous Boys. In the age of the digital tool I thought I would be able to find some sort of plug-in that would allow me to compose with light , not one of those “visualisation” type things that some media players had. Something more controllable but thus far no joy. However I found the beauty above ( more detail here. )To combine that with the creature below would be … Bliss.

I love the sound of breaking glass

Time to Kill. St Pancras beckons and the British Library. I promised myself I would get to this exhibition – The British Library “Seasons of Sound”. Everything a Sonic Geek like me could want ( Yes Harley everything is music . EVERYTHING) Lovely little exhibition from the libraries sound archives. Stuff I knew nothing of – recording to wire, postage stamps that could be played and these known as Bone Music ,bootlegs of western jazz and rock n roll banned in soviet Russia that were cut to used X Ray discs – go read more –

What’s Another Year…

New Years Day, Groundhog Day, slumped in the armchair in a festive fug watching re-runs of Columbo and the Professionals the advertising breaks bludgeon me, demanding that I buy a new sofa and book a holiday. I turn off the set and settle in to an afternoons cheery reading. Great little pamphlet publication called Razur Cuts( ) issued its fourth volume just before Christmas 2017 and graciously included a wee poem by our in-house poet Mr Colin Hankey ( check out his rantings here ). There are hundreds of these little pamphlet publications about , some of you might still call them fanzines and depending on what you are into you will most likely find one that suits you be it literary such as Razur Cuts, football crazy such as Joe Englands – 5 Managers ( or Fashion subcultures such as Subbaculture ( Anyhow , they are cheap , always have something inspirational in them and nearly always lead to reading something else, they fit in your pocket and the battery life is unparalleled. You wanna cut down on your screen life mate. Life, Choices and Decisions. Choose Life.