Thoroughly Independent

Thoroughly Independent? Yes. Totally Free? No.

So here we are TundraSonics is here. You find yourself wondering where all the little labels you loved have gone, you have had a few beers, the band have made you smile and find yourself on a whim offering to fund the release of an EP. That is why you are here. You are probably gonna look at the prices of the product on this site and think that is a bit steep. Well I am fortunate enough to be able to fund this by holding down a day job like most of you but the bands I hope to support are generally doing this as their day job so by giving them the lions share of the sale I hope they don't give up their dream and in turn they inspire you to do something even if it is only to smile. So no what we do we do not intend to give away for free, but we do it independent of the corporate greed of large labels,sponsors etc. Our artists veto all artwork, control all of their product and basically do what the fuck they want. Long live Rock n Roll, Long Live Noise, Long Live Ambient Long Live Folk, Long Live Techno- shit long live anything that makes me smile.

Joe M
Head Honcho


West Horndon Wigwams - Moonboy VS Anmego Jinn


8 track CDR in carboard sleeve with inlay. West Horndon Wigwam is the struggle between two alter egos with Moonboy creating the tunes via guitar and keyboard and Anmego Jinn washing them through his myriad filters. An album for floaters and drifters. Ambient guitarscapes and hymnal keyboards. For lovers of Main, late period Earth, Laurence English and of course Eno/Fripp. Price includes P&P in the UK. Float on

Price: £4.50

Lebanese Loop


New track by our Corvid Dance Commander. Tundrasonics presents The Lone Rook - Lebanese Loop, A blissed-out,cut time,chilled out comedown of a track.You can buy it here, over at Itunes or stream it at Spotify or XBoxMusic. And then the the bass drum kicksssssss...

Price: £0.64

Free Block


the Lone Rook knocks out 175bpm of manic dance -A nod to Red Snapper and Acoustic Ladyland and good old Drum N Bass. Fast N Dirty n Cheap (just like your Grandma) Knocked out in a back bedroom with a final master by the lovely Pete Maher . Just 50p here for the MP3 or if you like a little less compression on your file head over to our Digital Store. at Chemical Records for the WAV.

Price: £0.50

A Theme For An Endless Ocean


Solo Album by VVH (Vincent Van Hire) half of that bastard electronic duo you know and love as Kallous Boys. A Theme For An Endless Ocean is both a stand alone album of "Berlin School" inspired Kosmiche/Ambient/Electronica and also an alternate soundtrack to be used with the Wii console game Endless Ocean. The version here has been specifically remastered for release by Tundrasonics as a download having been available as a limited edition CD-R directly from VVH himself for some time.

Price: £4.00

Frozen Forest - Sircle - A Relevant Space

Frozen Forest Cover

Head Honcho has been known from time to time to isolate himself from the outside world with brief sojourns in a Floatation Tank, so when the chap Sircle was looking to release an album specifically for listening to whilst acclimatising to that enviroment we were only to happy to chip in and give some support. The Album is A Relevant Space a beautiful soundscape available to buy as a download (click on the album name) or preview it via Soundcloud and is mastered by one of our all-time faves Mr Lawrence English. Go Listen.

International Sales/ December News

Hey People

At the moment I don;t have international shipping turned on with this site. Should anyone outside the UK, especially those fine people we call Motorheadbangers, wish to make a purchase drop me a line at In other news we are in the process of re-mastering the VVH album "Theme to an Endless Ocean" and this should be ready for release for early 2013

Cheers and have merry bastard xmas

Head Honcho

Primitive Digital

So you young folk that like the non-physical realm may be pleased to know that the Primitive EP "into the void" is available over out our digital store at the lovely Chemical Records

Get downloads Get Primitive

Rituals And Routines - Moonboy


These are Moonboys’ tunes crafted and captured and put in a tin box; a first solo album release by one half of the Kallous Boys. Heavily influenced by his love of Drone, by English Hymns and European Folk, by Eno and Labradford, by repetition and Reich. Here are nine tunes with which to slip into the dreaming. These are “Rituals and Routines” presented to you by Tundrasonics. Packaged in a quality tin case with a Moonboy photographic work/inlay card and some other found object, each edition is unique and personalised to the buyer . This is Tundrasonic.

Price: £8.00

Coming Soon - Moonboy

cable car london

We are just in the process of sequencing and packaging the first album release by Porkweasel artist Moonboy to be called "Rituals and Routines". In the meantime a sneak preview of the album is available in the form of the track "White Rose Ghost" via both Spotify and from Amazon . The track is recorded entirely on Acoustic guitar using Ebow and forms the basis of the genre that is this labels name. This is Tundrasonics.


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