A chance comment by my son some fourteen or so years or more has become something of a lodestar for me and an endless source of amusement. Dropping him at a bus stop one day I was distracted by the sounds and rhythms of some men shoveling sand and cement into a cement mixer. I think he had been talking to me and I had phased out, my return was him nudging me and stating ‘Not everything is music dad!’ Not to everyone I agree, but to me the sounds and patterns of life are music and can transport me away from mundane thoughts and stress. However I see this as passing moments of joy and I found that when visiting Whitechapel Gallery recently and stumbling across a Fluxus exhibition that some people want to kill the joy. Sitting listening to a nice piece of oboe and looking at artefacts such as those above I found myself happy , smiling and laughing out loud. Dirty looks and tutting ensued from other people in the gallery. Apparently art should be taking seriously. I think I might have been the only person there that day that took a piece of blank paper provided by the gallery, rubbed it against my ear and made music.

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